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"Because special is overrated."

For as long as he can remember, J.R. Gloyd has wanted to share his stories far and wide, as early as selling homemade, 99¢ comic books from his backpack in elementary school. As a kid, his dream was to someday open up a lemonade-stand-style comic booth on the curb in front of his house and sell his stories to the neighborhood—championing the ideal of "why not here, why not now?"

Fast-forward to 2020, and Gloyd has found himself smack-dab in the middle of a Pandemic, in the midst of utter chaos, fighting to find the kid he once was underneath the current callous, adult exterior. He now has to try and share his stories in a world where businesses have no choice but to offer curbside services.  "Why not here, why not now?"

Realizing he needed to stop comparing himself to other fantastically skilled artists and their seemingly unreachable techniques, he deviated from the norm; it was time for Gloyd to just be Gloyd. Building on the homemade aesthetic that emphasizes his unique, charming, and far from perfect art style, he has managed to fulfill that ol' childhood dream by opening up his little curbside booth in the vast neighborhood of the Internet, offering to share stories that are only a few, simple clicks away!

J.R. Gloyd enjoys crafting tales that take ordinary people on extraordinary adventures, about imperfect people partaking in unbelievable events. You won't find Superman or Goku here, but you'll discover characters you can't find anywhere else. Because normal people are incredible. Because special is overrated.

About the artist

In case you were wondering, it's pronounced "gloid," like "Lloyd," but with a "G."


Justin Gloyd is an author and cartoonist from Las Vegas, NV. Inspired by great cartoonists, writers, and artists (like Walt Disney, Genndy Tartakovsky, Charles Schulz, Doug TenNapel, and Mike Mignola, to name a few) he lives to create—new worlds to escape to, characters to relate to, stories to give into—he loves it all! Mainly focusing on a traditional and cartoony style, Gloyd uses his artwork to assist and accentuate his true passion: writing.

J.R. Gloyd enjoys writing in all mediums: scripts, narratives, poetry, illustrations, comics, etc. He also loves the idea of supporting original, fresh, and upcoming artists with talent, and enjoys working with them to tell his stories, as well as their own.

After some soul-searching and relocating to the Pacific Northwest, Gloyd began storyboarding for Pencilmation Studios (on YouTube), where he currently works as a writer, story supervisor, and producer.


Gloyd lives with his little family in Seattle, WA, where he tinkers on creations and ideas of his own.

You can find out more about what Gloyd is up to joining his newsletter and checking out his online Blog!

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Portions of all proceeds are donated to River Jordan Orphanage, an establishment in Kenya, Africa that is dedicated to raising impoverished children with medical help, education, and a family environment to call their own.