Behind the Story

This story has been one in the works for over five years. My faith is something very important me, and I wanted to tell a tale that made the foundation of what I believe easy to understand while exposing how it truly feels to me on a personal level. This wasn't originally a book, though--I had made plans to create a series of paintings to feature in an art show at a gallery space I was renting out at the time. The gallery ended up closing before I made any real progress, and this story was tucked away in a secret place for many years. I planned other picture books I wanted to work on before this one, and I thought it was unwise to start with a story that was faith-based, that I should establish myself first as a regular picture book creator, then hit the world with one story that expressed my beliefs... But, as it turns out, that wasn't part of God's plan. He wanted this story first, and He wanted it now. I got to work, chipping away a page at a time, transforming my artwork thumbnails into book pages--and about a year later, here it is!

I hope you can understand that this story is not a trap or a trick. You weren't duped into hearing the Good News. This is just what I believe, and a core part of my faith is to express it to the rest of the world. If you're still reading, and you are in any way interested to hear more, I am very excited to share what is just ahead. If not, then thank you for your interest in my book--I hope you enjoyed the story.

I'll Try to Make This a Brief Belief...
About the Book

Strange things start happening when the lights go out for bedtime... For one, a little girl's favorite stuffed monster comes to life--and it's huge! What sort of fun (and trouble) awaits this curious little one as she joins her friend on its crazy adventures?

This 32-page, wordless tale of friendship tells the importance of obedience, as well as the invaluable power of loyalty and sacrificial love.




I believe in Yeshua the Messiah. You may know Him by his English name, Jesus.

Adonai, the creator of the universe, made humanity in His image, and for a long time, we spent our days walking with Him as friends. One day, we made a mistake, thinking that we could have the power of God and become gods ourselves, and fell short. Our crime was punishable by death, and we were separated from the Kingdom of God. (The book of Genesis {Bereshit}, chapters 1-3)

While some fought to convince Adonai that we should be destroyed, there was One who stood on our behalf: the Messiah and Son of the King of the Universe. Many complicated and crazy stories later, the Messiah had become a human baby and was born in the land of Israel, named Yeshua. He grew into an amazing man, doing wonderful miracles and healing people... but most importantly, He taught us how to love each other. The religious leaders at the time grew jealous of Yeshua and thought He was a trouble-maker, so they tried many times to force Him to give up. But Yeshua kept pressing on, showing the world a side of God that we had forgotten. The point had come when the religious leaders became so angry that they planned to kill Yeshua.

...But little did they know that was Yeshua's plan all along.

After lying, cheating, and slandering, the religious leaders had Yeshua put to death in front of all the people. What they didn't know was the Messiah had come to humanity as a sacrifice, and gave up His own life to cover humanity's death sentence. Because of what Yeshua gave, we were forgiven and given back a way to be with God Himself. What love!

And that's not even where the story ends!

As it turns out, not even death could stop Yeshua, and three days and nights later, He returned to life! He continued to teach us how to love before returning home to Adonai. As He left this world, He told His followers to share the Good News of the Messiah's sacrifice to all of the world. (The book of John {Yochanan})

The best part about this story is that we have been set free, and the process is so simple. All you have to do is believe that Yeshua is the Son of God, that He died to cover your imperfections, and that He rose from the dead. Your life will never be the same. Adonai hopes that you will accept His gift, and that you will give your life to serve others and tell them what you have heard. Then, when your time in this world is over, you will stand in front of the King of the Universe, not only as a friend, but as His family.

If you would like to dive further into the incredible man Yeshua was and is, you can listen to these great messages by my rabbi, Matt Rosenberg, or you can read it for yourself by picking up Scriptures of your own, downloading a free app of the Bible, or even looking it up online. 

I hope you enjoyed the story, but even more, I hope to see you on the other side! If you can't pick up the book, or you want to give reading it a shot before getting your own copy, please feel free to download a free digital copy by clicking here.


Thanks for your time,

J.R. Gloyd

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