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Mad Rad Ninja! Chapter 1 (DIGITAL)

SKU: MRN-D-001



The tale of the Dragon Lords! Three Ninja warriors must stand against a mysterious and powerful demon to save the world... Or so the story goes as a school of ninja pupils listen to the teachings of their Master, Saysen, including the reluctant and outspoken Token. Can Token make it through the lesson without causing any trouble? 

MRN! is a series that I have been developing for almost 20 years and have revamped four times, until delivering the potential I envisioned at last! It includes all the things in a story I am passionate about: world building, mythology, character development, and adventure. I am very excited to finally share a story that holds such a big place in my heart!

24 interior pages + 4 cover pages, 900 x 1350px. Covers in Color, interior pages in Black & White. Contains ZIP folder with PDF and CBZ versions.

*iPad not included (duh).

Comics are rated TEEN: Recommended for ages 13 and up for mythology, fantasy violence, crude humor, and mild language and themes.

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